Revenue-based financing and growth platform for ecommerce merchants, Wayflyer has launched a new funding product for large ecommerce businesses, giving them certainty over future cash flow at affordable rates.

Wayflyer Scaler is designed for ecommerce businesses with annual revenues of $20 million or more. It provides them with a maximum funding exposure limit, allowing them to deploy capital, whenever and however they want, to a maximum limit of up to twice the business’ monthly revenue.

Scaler is built for businesses that need millions in funding on a regular basis, but don’t want to use traditional banks or provide significant security. It provides affordable rates, fast application processes and unlike other funding options, there are no undrawn fees, arrangement fees, underwriting or initiation costs.

Wayflyer CEO and co-founder, Aidan Corbett said, “Larger ecommerce businesses benefit from a host of advantages over their smaller counterparts. However, both fundamentally face the same challenges when it comes to funding.

“Their working capital profile makes it hard to finance large expenses like inventory and marketing. In this uncertain environment, it’s also difficult for them to plan ahead without knowing what capital they will have access to and when. This can be a real bottleneck for growth, which is where Wayflyer can help.”