Visa has confirmed an exclusive partnership with DSpark, an NCS subsidiary that provides geospatial mobility data, to merge anonymous mobility and aggregated spend data.

The partnership provides organisations with access to a consolidated view of mobility and spend data analytics, enabling decision-making that considers both consumer visitation to an area and its aggregated monetary value.

Tourism, retail, commercial property and government organisations can now harness big data to make business decisions that increase ROI, reduce business risks and create new avenues for growth. Businesses can better predict future market trends and adjust strategies based on patterns in consumer mobility and spending, including resource allocation to newly identified areas of high consumer demand.

Visa head of consulting and analytics for Australia, New Zealand and South Pacific, David Peacock said, “As a leader in the global financial industry, Visa is excited to join forces with DSpark to revolutionise the way businesses leverage data. This collaboration signifies our commitment to empowering enterprises with advanced insights that drive innovation and growth in today’s rapidly evolving business landscape.

“With this transformative partnership, DSpark and Visa are poised to redefine the potential of data-driven decision-making, enabling businesses to thrive in the complex and evolving business environment of today and beyond.”

DSpark CEO, Paul Rybicki commented, “We are proud to partner with Visa, marking a milestone in the evolution of data analytics. This collaboration stands as a testament to our mutual commitment to innovation and our passion for unlocking new possibilities. Together with Visa, we are poised to create a powerful and unique fusion of mobility and spend data, presenting new possibilities for our clients and making tomorrow more collaborative.”