Leading provider of HR, payroll, and workforce management solutions, UKG, is rolling out UKG Strategic Workforce Planning in Australia and New Zealand, as a result of the recent acquisition of Quorbit, a UK-based start-up specialising in long-term workforce planning solutions. 

UKG Strategic Workforce Planning brings together strategic planning with employee development, empowering companies to forecast staffing needs years into the future, optimise operations, and proactively craft growth and learning opportunities.

With the addition of the new features available to UKG customers in the retail industry and soon to be available for customers in healthcare and manufacturing, UKG Strategic Workforce Planning offers a longer-term view into future staffing and business needs. The platform lets companies simulate various workforce scenarios and evaluate the impact of business decisions to make data-driven decisions to optimise their workforce. 

UKG vice president for Asia Pacific/Latin America and Great Place to Work (GPTW) global ambassador Neil J. Solomon said, “UKG is thrilled to announce the launch of UKG Strategic Workforce Planning in ANZ. With a competitive labour market and an unpredictable economy, it’s never been more important for our customers to empower their people. 

“With UKG Strategic Workforce Planning, companies can predict, analyse, and address workforce gaps, encouraging their people to achieve operational goals and thrive in an ever-changing business landscape. We’re excited to bring this innovative solution to our customers in ANZ as it will be a valuable addition to their workforce management toolkit.” 

UKG Strategic Workforce Planning provides workload budgeting and capacity planning tools, helping organisations uncover insights and accelerate decision-making. The platform helps companies determine the skills required for specific roles and identify skills gaps and address them through targeted training and development programs.