The PayPal Giving Fund has achieved a significant milestone, raising $200 million to support Australian charities since launching in 2018. Working with partners including PayPal, Meta, GoFundMe, Humble Bundle and Catalyser, PayPal Giving Fund helps charities reach and engage new audiences, using technology to help make giving a part of everyday life.

Donations are made to PayPal Giving Fund, which then provides grants to nominated charities. Operating costs are covered by partners like PayPal, removing the need for PayPal Giving Fund to charge charities or donors, and 100% of funds received by PayPal Giving Fund are granted to charities.

Eligible charities can enrol with PayPal Giving Fund for free and join more than 6,000 Australian charities that have already benefited from PayPal Giving Fund and its partner’s platforms.

PayPal Giving Fund executive director, Erica McLernon said she was humbled by what the organisation had achieved for Australian charities in less than four years.

“The most amazing thing for us is seeing the lasting impact that the support of our programs can have for some charities. We enable our partner programs to operate at scale and this can literally change what a charity thought was possible for their charitable programs,” she said.

Foodbank was featured in PayPal Give at Checkout during the first months of Covid in Australia, resulting in more than $100,000 in donations. This was an increase from a few hundred dollars per month to tens of thousands, with 100% of the donation going to charity.

“As the current cost of living crisis worsens, demand for Foodbank’s services will continue to grow, so we hope that those who chose to Give at Checkout during the pandemic will consider donating again,” McLernon said.

“We’re confident that over time digital giving, including donations made through PayPal Giving Fund, will become an increasingly important source of revenue for organisations like Foodbank and the families and communities that rely on them.”