One of Australia’s leading payment providers, Live Payments has developed its ‘tap to phone’ contactless payment product LiveTap, with the product set to roll out to merchants by the end of the year.

The news comes as card payments continue to rise in Australia, with 87% of Australians in 2021 preferring to use cards including digital wallets, compared to only 7% who choose to pay with cash.

Powered by fintech-as-a-service provider, Soft Space, LiveTap allows customers to simply tap their smartphone, wearable or physical card on a merchant’s Android NFC-enabled mobile device to accept contactless card payments.

Live Payments CEO, Reuven Barukh said, “The payments landscape is becoming increasingly fragmented. It’s all about managing multiple payment methods, having simple and convenient options, and adapting to customers’ needs – our LiveTap solution addresses this directly.”

Live Payments has harnessed the mobile card acceptance technology of its app-to-app payment partner, Soft Space, allowing its secure APIs to be integrated with Live Payments’ platforms.

With no additional hardware or device required, LiveTap is designed for SMBs and micro businesses that may not have the resources for full point-of-sale infrastructure.

Soft Space CEO, Joel Tay added, “This solution takes full advantage of Australia’s love affair with contactless transactions. Live Payments has proven itself as an innovator in the market, serving not only large companies but those all-important small business merchants too, and our synergistic partnership will go a long way to support them in this quest.”