Leading global retail bank, payments, and shopping service, Klarna has announced a series of initiatives dedicated to supporting the planet’s health to coincide with Earth Week.

Klarna pledged to match all consumer donations made through the Klarna app towards its planet health initiatives, as well as expanding its shoppable Conscious Collections in the Klarna app to bring greater awareness to environmentally and ethically friendly apparel.

During Earth Week, Klarna shoppers were able to donate to four planet health causes – wildlife, ocean, planet and forest – directly through the Klarna app. Donations will go to Klarna’s planet health initiative, Give One, to support local organisations protecting nature and fighting climate change.

Coming soon to Australia and New Zealand, Klarna plans to upgrade its CO2 emissions tracker to allow consumers to gain more granular insights into their environmental footprint.

In addition to showcasing the estimated carbon footprint of each purchase in the Klarna app, the tracker will provide a breakdown of the emissions released in every step of the product lifecycle and offer educational tips to use and recycle products in a more sustainable way.

The CO2 emissions tracker also allows consumers to donate to the Klarna and Milkywire Climate Transformation Fund, focusing on supporting high-impact solutions to mitigate climate change. All donations to the Climate Transformation Fund were doubled by Klarna during Earth Week.

Klarna chief marketing officer, David Sandström said, “Our vision is to empower consumers to vote with their wallets to enact change. With the help of our enhanced CO2 Emissions Tracker, consumers can now gain detailed insights into the environmental impact of their shopping. We’re excited to give consumers powerful tools to act on this knowledge and inform their shopping choices.”