Shping is Australia’s only shopping companion app that offers its users crypto rewards, powered by Shping’s own cryptocurrency, Shping Coin.

Shping educates shoppers on the best deals by compiling and comparing prices of everyday essentials at the major supermarkets and retailers to show where shoppers can find the best prices to save the most on their shop, according to Shping CEO, Gennady Volchek.

“For consumers, the app empowers shoppers to maximise their savings and earn at the same time, with cashback rewards that can be used in addition to loyalty cards including Flybuys and Everyday Rewards. For shoppers, features include social shopping lists that allow users to plan, compare prices and save, rewards for sharing reviews and rating products, and cash rewards for uploading receipts,” he said.

“For brands, Shping creates a direct line for brands to communicate with their customers, maximising a brands marketing spend and connecting brands with loyal and engaged shoppers.”

Shping helps marketing spend work harder with ultra-targeting, less wastage, lower cost and more effective engagement than other social and search platforms.

“Shping has bridged the gap between consumers and brands by engaging shoppers during all stages of the purchase cycle with non-intrusive direct communications from brands to consumers. By using peer-to-peer transactions, Shping has given power to brands to reward shoppers directly for engagements that matter most to the brand with rewards powered by Shping’s cash convertible token, Shping Coin,” Volchek explained.

“Shping also offers brands first-party data from shoppers purchasing their products, allowing for ultra-targeted communications to an audience that already engage with or are interested in the brand.”

Emerging technologies like blockchain, NFTs cryptocurrency, and immersive and 3D experiences are increasingly being used by brands to better engage with their existing customers and expand beyond their usual customers.

“Major brands like Nike, Gucci, and Disney are already using these types of technologies to connect with a wider audience, especially those that are more likely to spend time in a virtual space rather than in physical stores.

Cryptocurrency is expected to significantly disrupt the retail sector, becoming an important part of how customers make transactions online or in immersive spaces. Walmart just announced that cryptocurrency will be integral to the way consumers purchase from the major retailer.”