Melbourne-basedfin-tech start-up, 1receipt is helping retailers and customers substitute paper receipts and reduce paper wastage by switching to a true contactless digital receipt.

1receipt is a digital platform developed by a small group of engineers that eliminates paper receipts while stores and manages shopping receipts in a mobile app regardless of payment method. Not only are paper receipts difficult to organise, they’re often discarded, resulting in 3.3kg of paper receipt wastage per year in Australia.

Unlike other current email and SMS receipts, 1receipt users don’t share any personal information such as email and phone number with retailers, according to 1receipt founder, Shahryar Faraji.

“1receipt not only helps the environment, but it can also save retailers money while it is completely free for shoppers,” Faraji said. 

More than a dozen retailers, including IGA supermarkets and Evelyn Faye Nutrition, have already rolled out 1receipt technology in their Melbourne stores, with more to come. “We have integrated with over 20 POS systems, and are currently negotiating with several other retailers and POS systems.”

Shoppers can also download the 1receipt application from the App Store or Google Play.

1receipt was a finalist for the 2021 Melbourne Awards in the Sustainability Category. 1receipt is also now an approved valid tax invoice by the ATO and