Melbourne-based fintech start-up, 1receipt is now integrated into all leading point of sale (POS) providers in Australia, supporting various industries from grocery and pharmaceuticals to apparel.  

1receipt is a digital platform that helps retailers and customers switch from paper receipts to a contactless digital receipt that can be stored and managed in a mobile app.

Earlier this year, 1receipt partnered with three Australian retail associations including the Master Grocer Association, Leading Edge Retail and FrontLine Stores, collectively representing over 3,000 retail businesses as members.

“We plan to opt-in every member with 1receipt as part of a two-year transition plan. We’ve also onboarded Amcal Pharmacy, and the first stores offering paperless receipts through 1receipt will be available to customers before Christmas,” 1receipt founder, Shahryar Faraji said.

“Not only are we helping the environment, but we are saving retailers money while it is a completely free solution for shoppers.”

1receipt was also a finalist in the sustainability category of the Melbourne Awards 2023.

Shoppers can download the 1receipt app from the App Store or Google Play.