Leading ecommerce payments provider, Eway has partnered with FASSTA PAY to streamline payment processes for suppliers and retail customers in the hospitality sector.

FASSTA PAY, powered by Eway, enables businesses to quickly and securely pay their invoices online with their credit card, rather than relying on Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) or phone payments.

For suppliers, FASSTA PAY powered by Eway allows them to take card payments online, capture and secure customers’ card details, streamline payment systems with a dedicated invoice payment platform, as well as save money and time by eliminating manual processes.

For retailers, they can view and pay their invoices online through one platform, securely tokenise card details, improve cash flow by paying bills using a credit card, pay multiple invoices at once and view all paid supplier invoices in one portal.

Eway Australia and New Zealand managing director, Bob Lowe said the FASSTA PAY solution benefits both suppliers such as breweries, food and beverage distributors, as well as their customers including pubs, clubs and hotels.

“The FASSTA PAY platform stores tokenised card details, making future payments easy and hassle-free for both suppliers and their merchants – a first for the hospitality industry,” Lowe said.

FASSTA managing director, Tony Brockhurst (pictured) said that this payment solution developed specifically for the hospitality industry provides a better way for suppliers and customers to manage payments.

“FASSTA PAY will save businesses’ time and money and improve cash flow – all with the convenience of taking secure payments by card online,” he said.