eBay is calling on SMB sellers to complete the migration process to the updated eBay payments experience, first introduced in Australia in 2020.

eBay managing payments makes it simpler for sellers to get paid on eBay. Before this, sellers had to switch between two sets of accounts, reports, online tools, policies, and customer service.

The move to managed payments means there is no longer a need for a third-party PayPal account and no more PayPal payment processing fees; sellers get paid directly to their bank account not their PayPal account, and sellers can access everything in one place.

Managed payments also offers a variety of payment options to buyers including credit card, PayPal, Apple Pay and Google Pay.

eBay Australia managing director, Tim MacKinnon said, “We are thrilled to be elevating how buyers and sellers transact on eBay by allowing them more choice and a seamless payments experience at a time when they are increasingly coming to eBay to buy things they need and offer greater payment flexibility when purchasing online.

“Running a small business is tougher than ever and we are pleased to reduce the costs for the majority of sellers and make it easier for them as we manage payments. We are supporting our SMBs to ensure a smooth transition.”