A new Australian comparison website is making the search for restructuring and insolvency practitioners simple, on the back of the economic impact of Covid-19 and end of JobKeeper.

Insolvency Australia is the country’s first and only marketplace that features the country’s Registered Liquidators and Bankruptcy Trustees in one place.

Designed to empower and help business owners, directors, individuals, and advisers search for registered corporate and personal insolvency specialists, Insolvency Australia provides an easy-to-navigate platform for people to search for, compare and connect with registered corporate and personal insolvency practitioners.

 It is 100% independent and assists businesses and individuals seeking financial, restructuring, corporate or personal insolvency advice.

Insolvency Australia director and accountant, Paul Vincent said the comparison site was developed to provide people with a user-friendly tool to find appropriate specialists according to their needs.

“Choosing a practitioner to assist during times of financial stress can be confusing and complex, and we wanted to make it easy for people to navigate the maze and make their own informed choices,” he said.

“There’s a definitive number of Registered Liquidators and Bankruptcy Trustees in Australia, and by having them all on one platform enables those needing advice to easily find someone in their state or territory, or who has the experience and expertise they require. The site is a free service for those seeking advice and it also includes vital information – such as explaining the differences between the types of practitioners and providing key information about insolvency.

“By making Australia’s registered insolvency professionals available to business owners/directors and individuals, the industry is making itself more readily available to those that need help. Early conversations can lead to better outcomes at a critical time.”

Insolvency Australia also benefits Australia’s Registered Liquidators and Bankruptcy Trustees by allowing practitioners to enhance their profile and make it easier for people to connect with them.

“The site enables them to make their profile a more powerful marketing tool 24/7 by including additional information such as expertise, achievements, areas of speciality, videos, white papers and more. It’s also a self-managed portal, so they can update their information as required,” Vincent said.