With the rising cost of living, Australian employees are finding it a challenge to keep up with additional costs needed to work and are starting to demand and seek assistance from their companies, according to a new survey by leading software research site, Capterra.

Two-thirds (66%) of employees believe that for on-site workers, parking fees should be covered, and three-quarters (74%) feel that required clothing or uniforms should also be shouldered by the employer.  

Capterra Australia content analyst, Laura Burgess said, “The cost of living is undeniably making managing work-related expenses exponentially harder. However, with proper policies in place, companies can provide support that will take some pressure off their workers.”

Around 75% of Australians have observed that job-related expenses have increased in the last year, which is significantly higher than the 60% global average. Both on-site and remote-based employees regularly incur work-related expenses. On-site workers must budget their commuting, clothing and food expenses for work, excluding their own personal expenses.

On the other hand, 77% of employees think a computer should be supplied to remote workers, while 67% agree that office equipment that can be used at home should also be provided. 65% expressed that all additional related office supplies should also be shouldered by their employer. With internet connections used for both personal and professional purposes, around 44% feel that the employer should share in this cost.

Whether taking public transport or bringing a car to work, costs are incurred, especially for a full-time on-site employee. 49% spend the most on petrol to varying degrees between a hybrid or entirely on-site setup, and nearly half of employees agree it’s the biggest expense to fulfil their work. 

In addition, only less than half of employees believe they should pay for public transport (45%) and petrol (44%) themselves, showing that the majority demand this kind of financial assistance from employers. 

“With our research revealing that 71% of employees have salaries that do not keep up with rising costs, this reinforces that companies should study and consider providing support to their employees that can reduce financial burdens and increase productivity,” Burgess added.