Zendesk has signed a definitive agreement to acquire AI-powered quality management platform, Klaus, allowing Zendesk customers to deliver consistent, high quality service across every channel, both human and digital agents (bots).

Zendesk chief technology officer, Adrian McDermott said, “As AI drives up the speed and frequency of customer engagement, only AI-powered quality assurance (QA) can keep up as companies work to identify and fix gaps in their customer service operations. The combination of Zendesk AI and Klaus’ capabilities will help businesses navigate greater complexity and volume and ensure both digital and human agents deliver highly personal and empathetic service.”

Zendesk CEO and founder, Martin Kõiva added, “Zendesk and Klaus share a vision of AI-led, personalised CX with businesses fully anticipating and acting on their customers’ needs. QA software plays a critical role in this, ensuring consistency, assessing both human and digital agent performance and providing actionable insights for strategic planning. As part of Zendesk, we will continue to build and deliver these crucial capabilities, but now at an even greater scale.” 

Having a QA solution that analyses both human and digital agent performance is crucial to maintaining quality control and providing best-in-class customer service. While most QA software is capable of only scoring one to two percent of interactions and cannot recognise systemic trends, Klaus’ AI scores 100 percent of customer support interactions.

It pinpoints conversations with positive or negative sentiment, identifies outliers, churn risk, escalations and follow-ups across all conversations – even those done by outsourced teams. Klaus spots knowledge gaps and coaching opportunities to improve agent performance and productivity.