For the last 123 years, we at A.H. Beard have made it our mission to improve lives through better sleep. It’s our calling, and we’ve elevated the craft of Premium Sleep to its highest form. 

As a family run business we understand the value of staying close to home, which is why we’ve remained Australian owned and made since 1899. But, that hasn’t stopped us from taking our local luxury craftsmanship to a global market and setting a new benchmark for restorative sleep around the world.

Here, we go under the covers and explore how we’re championing local growers and makers to craft luxurious beds that enable Premium Sleep — and why the global market can’t get enough.

The rise of Premium Sleep 

Wellness is a growing priority for consumers. Yet, according to the Sleep Health Foundation, up to 45% of Australians aren’t getting enough sleep  At A.H. Beard, we know that sleep directly links to health — it’s a unilateral relationship and one which, both informs and is informed by our overall physical and mental health. 

And the demand for Premium Sleep is clear, with the global market for sleeping aids projected to reach $168.98 billion within the next decade. When we think of sleep aids, for many of us our first thought will be wearables like Fitbits and Oura Rings, which don’t just track our activity but track our sleep too. But the foundation to unlocking Premium Sleep quite literally is the bed we’re lying on. 

That’s why we’re determined to put sleep back on the public health agenda while simultaneously elevating sleep to its highest experience. We know that sleep is the most critical recovery period, so extensive research and consideration goes into each handcrafted and Australian made bed. The form, function and origin of every material we use is selected for its ability to achieve consistent, restful and rejuvenating sleep. 

The demand for Premium Sleep

How much would you spend for a good night’s sleep? Across the world, the demand for Premium Sleep is on the rise — in China for example, our top-of-the-line mattress retails for $75,000. 

While Australia has a strong appetite for our mattresses, we are also appealing to the most discerning customers in the world and it is China’s sleep market that is currently showing the most interest. The desire for innovation, quality and luxury (particularly in the wellness space) makes the A.H. Beard Signature mattress one of our best sellers and is why the range can retail for up to $75,000 in this market. 

Each of these mattresses uses top quality natural fibres including cashmere, mohair, alpaca and fine merino wool, and is meticulously handsewn, taking four specialised master craftsmen 10 days to make. This rare level of craftsmanship and luxury materials make this the ultimate in luxury wellness and keep demand for such consistently high. 

The global mattress market is valued at $50.6 billion while the wellness industry is $1.5 trillion — consumers are keen to invest in their sleep and wellness creating the perfect opportunity for innovation and growth, beyond just the mattress. As an example, our sleep tech accessories, like the Orb Light, utilise various forms of light to support the users circadian rhythm. We have adapted to consumer demands and modern needs to go beyond our original, classic mattress offerings and give a full suite of sleep solutions to support Premium Sleep wellness.

Staying local, thinking global

For us, Australian made products are important due to their inherent high quality in materials, safety and ethical standards. These benefits are valued both locally and internationally and support the solid global export rates A.H. Beard has, and continues to, experience. As a registered ‘Australian-made’ company, we also source materials from local producers where possible which ensures quality in line with these guidelines. This includes ethical sourcing of animal-based textiles such as wool, inspection of raw materials and testing of components. 

In a world that is increasingly globalised it can be tempting to choose the route of fastest or cheapest growth however staying true to our core values and remaining locally made and owned has set A.H. Beard apart from the market and supported our sustained position as market leader where we’re recognised as one of the top bedding manufacturers in Australia, US, Hong Kong and China.

Remaining locally made and owned, is an extension of our family driven values, allowing us to support local communities and economies. Beyond this, local manufacturing means we are able to create and offer the best quality products which are designed for Premium Sleep, while keeping sustainability at the forefront of our practices. In doing this, our customers can rest assured knowing that they have made a positive choice for their health and the environment. 

Tony Pearson is CEO of A.H. Beard.