Mother's Day sales


Mother’s Day is a huge event for retailers, with shoppers spending big on gifts and outings for their mums. In fact, according to the Australian Retailers Association, families will spend over $2 billion celebrating mothers this year.

To get your share of the spend, it’s important to create a Mother’s Day campaign puts your store top of mind when it comes to gifts for mums (and all the other special women in our lives).

Whether you’re creating a marketing plan for the first time, or you are looking for new ideas, here are six tips to get you started.

1. Send Mother’s Day reminders

If you have a special Mother’s Day deal, take advantage of email marketing and put your offering on your customers’ radar. Even if you’re not offering a promotion, you can still create an email marketing campaign with Mother’s Day as the theme by packaging up your most suitable products. You might also want to include a calendar or table that shows when customers need to place their orders if they’re shopping online, and which shipping option to select if they want their purchases to arrive on time.

2 Encourage customers to share their mum-centric content

Mother’s Day isn’t just about giving gifts. The heart-warming stories and photos that people share about their mums also play a big role in the occasion. This year, give your customers the chance to tell you more about their mums―and drive engagement while you’re at it. You might consider running a giveaway to encourage customers to share photos and stories about their mums on your social channels.

Mother's Day sales window display

3. Running online ads? Lead people to specific landing pages

If you’re running online ads for specific Mother’s Day keywords, you should consider creating special landing pages for your campaigns, instead of having people click-through to a generic homepage. You should also make it easy for Mother’s Day shoppers to find what they’re looking for by adding a special Mother’s Day section on your homepage.

This tip also applies in bricks-and-mortar stores. If you’re running Mother’s Day specials or are promoting products as gifts, have a specific section in your shop where people can find all the mum-centric products they need in one place.

4. Don’t forget your window displays

Make your offering top of mind for Mother’s Day by sprucing up your store for the occasion. Show off your best mum-centric products in a beautiful window display so passers-by can see exactly what you’re offering. A simple decal will also make it clear you’re selling Mother’s Day gifts.

5. Offer Mother’s Day-specific products

Consider selling limited, mum-centric products at your store. If you make your own merchandise, you could create specific products especially for the occasion. The Cupcake Queens are a good example of this. They create their own bouquet of flowers made of cupcakes, offering customers a twist on the traditional gift of flowers for mum.

6. Focus on convenience

Some shoppers need help to find the perfect Mother’s Day gift, so try and assist them in any way you can. Why not offer bundles complete with gift wrapping services, to give people a convenient shopping experience? You could also partner with other nearby retailers to bundle complementary products or services together.

Francesca Nicasio is a retail expert at Vend.


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