Workers expect technology to keep up with new ways of work, without compromising on the experience, as consumer-grade devices are increasingly being used in work situations, according to a recent study from Samsung across Asia Pacific.

“As we shift to new ways of working, staying connected is more critical than ever and for Australian businesses, operations and workforces are evolving and becoming more technologically integrated,” Samsung director and head of B2B division for MX in SEAU, Rob Taylor told Retailbiz.

“Businesses are looking at new technology solutions to ensure workers are equipped in the new world of work, without impacting productivity or efficiency.”

Samsung understands there is no one size fits all technology solution for Australian businesses.  

“Samsung advances mobile in retail by providing solutions that bring stores more insights and information, help businesses connect with customers in-store and online, and optimise financial performance,” Taylor said.

“The new Galaxy XCover7 and Galaxy Tab Active5 enterprise solutions offer a fully customisable solution. Providing more flexibility for businesses, these devices offer multiple functions, allowing workers to utilise them from a phone or tablet to a scanner and payment terminal, all in one. Not only does this create a more efficient workflow, but also saves on the cost and inconvenience of having multiple devices for one job.”

Samsung works with many retailers in Australia looking to enhance customer and employee experience through digitisation. One major retail chain consolidated the use of four different devices to a single Samsung Galaxy S23 in store.

“In removing the need for a separate camera, document scanner, barcode scanner and payment terminal, and replacing with a single Samsung device, the retailer was able to reduce customer wait times, improve employee experience, reduce costs and streamline operations.”

The Galaxy XCover7 and Galaxy Tab Active5 introduce a new era of ruggedised devices for enterprise customers, designed for new ways of working and to keep up with the needs of deskless and frontline workers.

“Both the Galaxy XCover7 and Galaxy Tab Active5 deliver greater mobility with 5G connectivity, keeping workers connected while on the go, upgraded mobile processor performance, and increased memory which provides a faster and more efficient workflow. Additionally, the XCover7 offers a new powerful rear camera, while the expanded display size and increased resolution make it easier to work on larger documents remotely,” Taylor said.

“In a first for Samsung’s ruggedised devices, Galaxy XCover7 and Galaxy Tab Active5 come with support for Samsung Knox Vault[1] to ensure safety and protect users’ security. Knox Vault helps protect the most critical data on these devices, like PIN codes, passwords and patterns.”

With the acceleration of AI technologies, Samsung’s roadmap of new products and technologies arriving in the coming months, will expand the integration of Galaxy AI.

[1] Samsung Knox Suite is complimentary in the first year of purchase with a Galaxy XCover7 Enterprise Edition device and a 50% discount in the second year – Samsung Galaxy Enterprise Edition offer