Freshworks has introduced new GPT-based conversational enhancements to its natively-built AI-powered assistant, Freddy.

Using OpenAI’s ChatGPT and underlying large language models, the latest generative AI capabilities of Freddy help customer-facing professionals work faster, smarter, and more effectively. Customer service agents respond quickly to customers and employees in the right tone, marketers compose more compelling copy in a fraction of the time, and salespeople craft powerful emails that hook in a prospect. 

“We’ve made significant investments in our AI strategy over the last five years to enhance agent productivity and their customers’ experience. The newest Freddy updates using the latest GPT large language models bring even more value to these experiences,” Freshworks chief product officer, Prakash Ramamurthy said.

“We are fundamentally transforming how Freshworks customers will interact with our products through more conversations and fewer clicks.”

Conversational AI will be embedded via Freddy across Freshworks’ entire customer and employee suite of products. Customer support agents will deliver faster issue resolution and have higher-quality conversations with customers. Marketers will receive smart customer segmentation and optimised email content to maximise campaign efficacy. Sellers will close more deals through recommendations on opportunities with the highest potential.