Leading shift work management platform, Deputy has launched the Deputy HR platform to streamline the hiring, onboarding and document management process for shift workers and employers across Australia. 

Deputy is simplifying HR processes by finding and connecting talent with businesses quickly through its new AI-powered end-to-end HR platform specifically designed for frontline workers. The hiring solution helps businesses mitigate the issue of finding suitable candidates for open roles, offering a comprehensive suite of tools to help streamline the process. 

Deputy chief product officer, Deepesh Banerji said, “Approximately 80% of the global workforce (2.7 billion people) are employed with irregular or rotating hours — and many of these people are in community-facing roles. With such a sizable portion of our workforce participating in the shift work economy, the need for an end-to-end platform designed to connect job seekers with suitable roles was significant. The launch of Deputy HR is the next step in enhancing the overall hiring, recruitment, and onboarding experience.”

Businesses can use the platform for QR code integration on posters or online creative. Candidates can scan the code, instantly viewing the available job listings from the specific business.

An Applicant Tracking System (ATS) allows businesses to view all applicants, screen candidate videos, and progress and schedule interviews. Businesses can also integrate listings with existing job search platforms, Indeed, allowing customers to cross-promote listings on multiple sites. 

When it comes to onboarding, Deputy HR provides a centralised hub with customisable onboarding checklists and automated workflows, from collecting employee information to assigning training materials.

Deputy’s intelligent document management feature enables employers to request, track, and manage employee documents, from contracts and certifications to performance reviews and timesheets. This allows for improved job mobility, acting as a ‘portable passport’ for shift workers.