Leading shift work management platform, Deputy has unveiled a gratitude initiative, #ASimpleThanks, calling for people to lead with gratitude when interacting with shift workers on the frontline.

The world’s 2.7 billion shift workers, including hospitality and retail workers, make up two-thirds of the global working population.

According to Deputy’s 2023 State of Shift Work Survey, 50% of shift workers in Australia and New Zealand said that being valued and recognised for their contribution would result in more positive working conditions overall.

Following Deputy’s launch of Shift Work Sunday as an international holiday to celebrate shift workers last year, this year the company is on a mission to give shift workers the recognition and appreciation they deserve, through a grassroots gratitude movement, #ASimpleThanks.

Business owners are also encouraged to celebrate and appreciate their teams by sharing stories of shift workers that deserve a special thanks on the Deputy platform. 

As part of the campaign, Deputy is rolling out 2023 Clock Out, an industry-first user experience where shift workers can share their 2023 year of work to their social media channels. Clock Out will showcase personalised insights such as the number of shifts and hours worked, how many shifts they have swapped and covered for colleagues, their best clock-in photo moments and key achievements at work in the past 12 months.

Based on their achievements, Clock Out will identify their unique shift worker archetype or personality based on the insights from how they use the Deputy app. Workers can find out if they are: The Seasoned Professional, The Powerhouse, The Hustler, CEO of Saving the Day, The Influencer, Globe Trotter, Night Owl, Early Bird, The Vibe Setter, Busy-Bee, The Go-To, or Everyday Hero.

“Our new Clock Out experience aims to create a fun and engaging way for shift workers to feel appreciated with personalised insights such as achievements, personality traits and forgotten clock-in moments, tailored uniquely for each one of them. This experience will become a fixture of Shift Worker Sunday moving forward to showcase our ongoing commitment to saying ‘thank you’ to the people who make our lives better every day,” Deputy chief product officer, Deepesh Banerji said.