Crafting a distinctive and memorable uniform goes beyond mere aesthetics. It involves prioritising functionality and comfort to ensure that the uniforms not only look good but also meet the practical needs of the job, ultimately contributing to employee satisfaction and morale.

For businesses where a one-size-fits-all approach falls short, making a lasting impression begins with the right uniform. Coordinating a new uniform range tailored to your specific industry requires careful consideration of various factors such as working environments, job requirements, and brand image. Total Image Group, renowned leader in custom uniforms, offers valuable insights and tips for businesses embarking on this journey.

Custom package or specialised consultation

The initial consideration for any business is whether a complete custom package or a uniform range built from existing products is required. A complete custom package provides the design freedom to integrate the brand story into every uniform garment. From custom fabrics to bespoke brand pieces, details like coloured buttons and on-brand trims create a fully customised uniform staff will proudly wear. A specialised uniform consultation involves curating the right pieces from an existing range and then adding branding to make them unique.

The consult

Engage in thorough consultation with your uniform provider to ensure they understand your people, brand, and customers. Key points to address include:

  • How do you want your brand to emotionally resonate with people?
  • What are the current sentiments of your staff regarding their uniforms?
  • What are the typical working conditions and climates your employees face?
  • How does your brand differentiate itself from competitors?

Delving deep into your brand identity during consultation ensures that the uniform range aligns with your brand values and serves the needs of all staff.

The design

When working with the uniform design team, collaborate to create a range that balances fashion and function. Key considerations include:

  • Are you designing a completely new range or just a few key pieces?
  • Do you prefer existing designs, fabrics, and styles or your own signature creations?
  • What fabric choices best suit your industry? Assess eco-friendly fabric options and materials appropriate for specific industries, such as durable fabrics for construction uniforms and easy-care fabrics for healthcare uniforms.
  • What colours align with your brand?
  • What fit and accessories are necessary?
  • How many departments require different uniforms?
  • Are garments required to adhere to the industry’s compliance standards?
  • What kind of branding do you prefer, and where would you like it placed?Options include embroidery, screen printing, or heat transfer.

Once design choices are finalised, sampling and fabric selection follow. Ensure that the end product meets your specifications, budget, and timeframe.

Sample creation and testing

Request prototypes or fabric samples to evaluate design, materials, and fit before large-scale production. Also consider staff trials which can provide valuable feedback, facilitating any necessary adjustments before production commences. Skipping this step may result in costly errors that need to be rectified after production has begun.

Final approval and value-added services

Once design choices are confirmed, provide final sign-off for production to commence.

While the creative journey may be coming to a close, there are still crucial steps ahead in implementing your new uniform range for your staff. This is where the assistance of a comprehensive uniform provider becomes invaluable.

These steps may include setting up an online store for staff to easily order their new uniforms, utilising marketing services to effectively communicate the changes to your team, managing the transition from old uniforms to new ones, and establishing reporting systems to monitor uniform distribution, especially if there are subsidy allocations involved.

It’s essential to recognise that not all uniform providers offer the same level of service. Therefore, conducting thorough research before selecting a provider is crucial for a successful and seamless implementation of your new uniform rollout.

Pamela Jabbour is CEO and founder of Total Image Group.