In a world first, Australian tech startup The People Spot, has released its first consumer app designed to navigate people problems at work, serving industries including retail, construction and health.  

The initial enterprise app is currently used by Bunnings, AIA Insurance, PEXA and McConnell Dowell, with the new direct to employee version available in 175 countries to democratise dealing with people in the workplace.

“With thousands of people already using the app, we’re confident this new iteration will resonate in the market. People issues are the number one problem for workplaces. The financial cost of stress, conflict and confusion is in the billions of dollars,” The People Spot founder and CEO, Colin Beattie said.

“The associated human cost leads to suffering at home and pressures on an already stretched mental health system. Working should be about achievement and purpose, not pain and suffering.”

PeopleSpot aims to capture an audience elusive to traditional HR providers, HR tech and apps that only tackle a single issue such as sleep or meditation.

“We know the potential and the market is enormous. We’re confident we’ve created something that will reshape the way people engage with each other in the workplace. The only way to deal with something as changing and dynamic as human relationships is with a solution that is immediate, actionable and real. Mobile technology is the key – personalised and on your device 24/7,” Beattie added.

The People Spot is a workplace survival kit designed as the first line of support for sorting out issues at work. It provides tailored guides for dealing with difficult people moments to help stop issues before they escalate from tough conversations to work/home boundaries and conflict.

Its interface was designed by former Apple designer and co-founder, David Kennedy in partnership with Itty Bitty Apps and contains evidence-based and scientifically validated assistance created by organisational psychologist and co-founder, Nerissa Beattie.

“This is Australian technology meeting a world crisis for workers and management. We know human and social skills at work have decreased at a time they are needed more than ever. Just ask a person starting their career. They feel unprepared, uncertain and confused. PeopleSpot is designed for exactly that problem,” Beattie said.