Australian start-up, Stevie, seeks to better support talent to make successful career changes. Stevie co-founder, Jo Harris, former co-founder of e-commerce brand, Hunting For George, decided to create a solution that would support both businesses and talent.

“We realised that many businesses and talent want the same thing: a happy, engaged and productive workplace. But everyone faces the same challenge — finding the right fit and minimising the guesswork. This is where Stevie steps up to the plate,” she said.

“We know the power of a great introduction, so we designed Stevie to showcase, advocate and introduce our talent to aligned opportunities. Because just like dating, it’s all about asking the right questions.

“There’s a wealth of hard to find talent with transferable skills out there. Talent need the chance to show what they have to offer and businesses need to be supported to look outside the box.”

Stevie swaps out resumes for unique profiles to not only match aligned talent and businesses but showcase more about who they are as a person.

“We cut out the noise and simply shortlist and introduce talent to businesses based on aligned requirements. This ensures our community saves time and everyone is making more informed decisions,” Harris said.

Stevie co-founder, Peter Knock added, “The Stevie story is unique in that we were formed during the pandemic by a group of experienced retailers to make the hiring process easier and quicker. Stevie’s benefits now reach further than our industry alone as we allow talent to move with ease across industries where their skills transfer.”