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Apart from being the most wonderful time of the year, we all know Christmas is also the busiest and most profitable. But the increased foot traffic brings a whole range of Christmas characters through your doors and dealing with stressed out shoppers searching for the perfect gift can leave you feeling flat come Christmas Day.

Here are five types of festive shoppers you’ll encounter, and how to deal with them:

1. The list maker

This shopper knows just who has been naughty or nice, and has a present list to match. They’ve done their research and know exactly what they want to buy and from where. Easy to spot, the list maker will march determinedly around your store, happily ticking items off their iPhone list as they go. They’ll want to get in and out as quickly as possible, so be polite but recognise they probably don’t want to chat.

2. The wanderer

Unlike the determined list maker, this well-intentioned shopper wants to buy their loved ones the perfect gift but has no idea what that is. The best approach here is to be proactive—these lost souls need help and are usually happy to get it. Find out who they’re buying for and suggest something appropriate; they’ll be grateful you’ve saved them from the pain of panic buying Nana a set of shot glasses.

3. The impulse buyer

Everyone’s favourite customer year round, the impulse buyer really comes into their own at this time of the year. The festive feeling of giving combined with the need to have it now is the impulse buyer’s kryptonite, and your Christmas bonus. These shoppers don’t need much encouragement, but a few well-placed displays near the counter will entice them to pick up just one more thing.

4. The loyalist

Your loyal customers who pop in every few weeks to see what’s new won’t let you down at Christmas. In fact, chances are many will treat your store as a one-stop shop and save time by picking up lots of gifts from the one place. Be sure to make time for a chat and let them know just how much you appreciate their ongoing support. An offer of free wrapping or a small gift will spread some Christmas cheer and show just how much you value them.

5. The last minute dasher

It’s 4.45pm on Christmas Eve and you’re preparing to shut up shop and celebrate with a festive cocktail or two when suddenly, the door bangs open and a crazed looking customer runs in. They’ve got a list of people to buy for, no idea what to get, and seem annoyed that once again, Christmas has caught them off guard.

Often these shoppers are more scrooge than Santa, and while you might want to give them a lump of coal and shove them out the door, take a few deep breaths and think of all the turkey you’re going to eat. Try and calm the last minute dasher down with a few present suggestions, add on the option of gift wrapping, and send them on their way. Then go home for that cocktail—you’ve earned it.

This story originally appeared on Giftguide.


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