Woolworths has announced that it will roll-out contactless payment facilities across all brands.

Owner of brands like Woolworths and Dick Smith, Woolworths will be offering its customers contactless payment through Visa payWave. It will allow them to wave their Visa chipped cards at the checkout without the need for a pin or signature for transactions of up to $100.

Dhun Karai, Woolworths head of group financial services, said it will make the shopping experience quicker and more convenient, helping reduce time spent waiting in checkout queues.

“We know how much our customers love to embrace new technologies and services that help make their life a little bit easier. They have well and truly adapted to self service checkouts and other in-store innovations and we hope contactless payment will be just as popular,” Karai said.

Woolworths will join Bunnings, JB Hi-Fi and 7-Eleven on the list of retailers that will be offering Visa payWave,

According to Karai, the roll out is part of Woolworths’ way in developing innovative payment solutions for customers.

“We were the first to introduce contactless payment facilities at our petrol stations in 2009 via our proprietary e-pump technology. Woolworths was also Australia’s first national retailer to implement world class chip payments security as well as pre-swipe and the provision of PIN on credit card payments that have allowed our customers a faster and more secure service at the checkouts,” Karai said.