EcoAdvantage means reinventing windows to be better for the environment and to save energy.

“EcoAdvantage windows save energy through the insulation benefits of NATA-tested quality timber frames and a range of high performance glazing to suit all climate conditions, including single, double and even triple glazing,” says Aspect Windows proprietor, Norm Brodie.

“Options such as low-E glass and Argon gas-filled insulated glass units can boost the window performance even further,” he says.

NATA laboratory tests have shown that EcoAdvantage ranks in the top one per cent of energy efficient windows in Australia, and Aspect Windows supports its products with a seven-year guarantee.

To accept thicker single glazing, or insulated glass units, while still ensuring a proper seal between the glass and frame, the window system has a larger rebate.

Timber is one of the most energy efficient window framing options, and Aspect Windows only uses ecoSelect timber sourced from renewable plantations.

“The introduction of 5 star building in Victoria is a positive thing for both our business, and for the industry as a whole,” says Brodie.

“Before 5 star, energy-saving windows accounted for around five per cent of our sales. That has now risen to around 30 per cent.

“To be both relevant and responsible in the window industry, we need to develop more quality, energy-efficient products.”