Offering higher performance and more advanced security features than many other USB flash drives, the Pro devices support up to 23 MBps read and 14 MBps write speeds and are available in capacities ranging from 256 MB to 1 GB.

With a maximum write speed of 14 MBps speed (over 90x in terms of CD speed rating), and a maximum read speed of 23 MBps (over 150x), the Store ‘n’ Go Pro USB drive can transfer a 100 MB folder to a host system in less than 7 s.

Key features include V-Safe Security Software with a user-adjustable security partition, anti-tamper password entry, and secure data encryption; V-Key File Synchronisation Software helps users manage data to ensure that the most current information is updated between devices and provides an easy-to-use on-screen interface for accessing your Store ‘n’ Go Pro; an all-new ultra-slim design makes it easier to use in stacked port arrangements; a user label area that can be used with the included labels to identify or personalise the device; individual serial numbers on the case to make each drive uniquely identifiable.