NCR Corporation has announced the latest technology innovation to hit the checkout – simultaneous two-sided thermal receipt printing.

By printing on both sides of a receipt, retailers can reduce their paper roll receipt needs by as much as 50 per cent and save additional money on freight, storage and disposal.  The technology also introduces efficiencies at the point of sale (POS) by requiring fewer paper roll changes, which helps shoppers get through the store faster.  And reduced paper consumption will also benefit the environment by helping save trees.

In addition to store checkouts, NCR’s patented technology opens the door for two-sided printing applications in banking, event ticketing, self-service kiosks and more.

The first new products based on the technology include the industry’s only two-sided POS receipt printer, the NCR RealPOS 7168, and NCR two-sided thermal receipt paper.

NCR’s two-sided printer allows retailers to customise messaging in receipts rather than relying on paper rolls with pre-printed promotions that cannot be changed.  Plus, it can print in combinations of black on one side of the receipt with black, red or blue on the other side with no additional cost for the paper or the printer, to attract attention and promote more effectively.