Consumers imagining a shopping experience with no queues, the option for speedy self service shopping, and increased in-store interactivity can breathe a sigh of relief when exhibitors at Retail Expo Australasia, 14-16 August, Melbourne Exhibition Centre, showcase the latest technologies to transform traditional shopping.
More than 5000 retailers from around the country will take a sneak peek at the industry’s most advanced self check-out facilities and pioneering technologies to abolish retail queues when they attend Retail Expo this month. Interactive marketing technologies will also feature, as Australians continue to shape shopping into a leisure ‘experience’.

The following are among the exciting technologies on display at the show. 
1. The impending queue at the local supermarket may soon become a distant memory with Beonic’s fully automated Checkout Management System (CMS). Using sensor tracking technology with a 95 to 99 per cent accuracy rate, CMS monitors queue lengths and customer wait times, and can predict queues in advance to alert store managers so customer’s aren’t left waiting.
2. The most advanced self-checkout system on the market today, Fujitsu’s Genesis provides a more flexible and efficient way for customers to scan, bag, and pay for their purchases.
3. Corporate Initiatives will demonstrate the world’s first airborne interactive touchscreen that creates an effect of images floating in thin air. FogScreen projects images on a fine mist of fog that is dry to touch, creating a surreal experience for shoppers. A 2×1.8m demonstration will feature at the show.
4. Ecomist will showcase their in-store fragrance technology that can replicate anything from a classic perfume to the alluring scent of baked blueberry muffins and freshly brewed coffee. Ecomist will launch 55 new fragrance blends at Retail Expo.

“The retail industry is all about consumers’ desires, attitudes and trends. Retailers need to react to the ever-changing demands of potential and existing customers in order to stay competitive in their market. Currently, that means implementing the latest technologies and adopting innovative strategies to make one’s store stand out from another,” says Timothy Collett, exhibition director, Diversified Exhibitions Australia.
Retail Expo will be held in conjunction with National Retail Forum, Australia’s leading retail conference. Featuring an impressive line up of retail industry movers and shakers including Peter Alexander, founder, Peter Alexander Pyjamas; Bernie Brookes, CEO, Myer; Mark McCrindle, director, McCrindle Research, and Pierce Cody, director, Macro Wholefoods, the forum will provide a unique platform for retailers to discuss and debate the current hot topics affecting the industry.

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