Sydney City Toyota has chosen Sony Australia to install a security solution across three of its dealerships and one warehouse.

The deal worth over $275,000 will monitor up to $35 million in stock and will be put into operations by the end of the month.

“When searching for a new security system, we were blown away by the detailed, high quality images that the Sony cameras are capable of capturing,” said Eric Antonius, financial controller, Sydney City Toyota.

“While Sony is obviously known for its consumer electronics, we’ve been surprised by the quality of the company’s security solutions compared to products from dedicated security companies.

“Our old security system was four-years-old and simply didn’t provide the protection that was required to safeguard our cars and buildings. For example, we previously weren’t able to read the number plates of the cars in a showroom or the warehouse. Now we’re able to see all of the people and identify the cars so we can tell exactly when an incident occurs.”

The high definition Sony security cameras will be able to provide detailed pictures from multiple locations without the grainy dark images. All of the images will be relayed back to a central office to be reviewed by the security staff.

The Sony HD fixed and wireless cameras come equipped with View-DR Technology for greater visibility in difficult lighting situations. View-DR captures multiple images every minute to create a composite image that has greater depth of field. This technology allows the camera to see through glass reflecting sunlight, where other cameras would show an opaque image.

“It’s very important we can see through the large glass panels that make up the bulk of the walls in the dealership,” Antonius said.