By Aimee Chanthadavong

Taking on a similar approach as Swedish furniture retailer IKEA in keeping an innovative design simple, owner of X2 Nordic Jan Bergland has been able to develop the x2stand.

Currently being shown off at the Visual Impact Image Expo 2010 at the IDS Displays stand, Bergland told Retailbiz the x2stand is a low cost, light-weight and environmentally friendly POP system.

“It’s a corrugated box on the inside and we’ve put a block at the bottom of that corrugated box to hold it and that helps push the skeleton of the display against the floor so we let gravity take care of that stability,” he said.

“So what’s very unique is that you maintain the same skeleton but you can change the sleeve as your campaign changes, which can either be a rectangular shape or an ellipse shape.”

According to Bergland, despite its simple design, the x2stand took almost a year to create.

“Though it’s very simple it was a very long process in establishing all the different components, all the materials that is involved,” he said.

“We got requests from retail stores for some kind of low cost design with a high stability system and there was nothing available in the market at the time so what we did was take some paper, corrugated board and tried to figure it how we could make it stable.

“We took a piece of wood at the bottom and by doing that we were able to create a very high stability product.”

Adding to the current display design, X2 Nordic will be making the stand available to holding products.

“What we’re doing now is that retailers can now display their products with the stand, and we’re using the stability of the skeleton to put rods through it, which will hold the product,” Bergland said.

To view how the x2stand comes together, click here