CaesarStone showcased the latest in colour, texture and design at DesignEx last month with seven new colours and two new design technologies including sandblasted and water jet cut surfaces.

The design theme was based around the dragonfly motif; sand blasting, where an abrasive is used to blast the quartz surface, was used to create the dragonfly pattern. The water jet cutting technique is made possible by CaesarStone’s immense strength where a fine stream of water, which also contains abrasive powder, is blasted at the material at high pressure, allowing it to cut through the quartz.

Highly effective, these patterned slabs can be backlit and used as feature walls, counters or petitions in commercial or residential design. Both processes are highly controlled and run off computer design creating endless applications for architects and designers.

CaesarStone was awarded The Best Stand Design Award at the show in recognition of all the stand elements including visual impact and design innovation, lighting, flooring and walls finishes, signage, stand layout, visitor enticement, and staff presentation.