Hewlett-Packard (HP) has announced its first Australian retail rollout of the HP rp5700, its retail point-of-sale (RPoS) PC, with The Body Shop Australia. The Body Shop will be implementing the rp5700 across most of its 80 stores in Australia over the next two years. The rollout started this month with 116 PCs due to be installed by the end of FY 2009/10 and a further 80 in the following year.   
GunPoS, The Body Shop’s technology partner, worked with HP to customise a standard rp5700 RPOS PC for The Body Shop.
“The HP rp5700 has come to market in Australia at the perfect time, as this is a great solution to meet The Body Shop’s needs,” said Trevor Perry, sales director of GunPoS.
“Energy efficiency is a must as PoS systems need to be on and running 100 per cent of the time.”
The rp5700 has been designed to have the latest energy efficient components as well as being engineered to withstand the rigors of the retail environment.
The HP rp5700 provides as standard an 80 per cent efficient power supply that is up to 15 per cent more efficient than standard PC power supplies, reducing both overall energy usage and the amount of waste heat released into the environment.
“We seek to always implement a reliable, robust and fully effective IT infrastructure. The HP rp5700s fits in very well and the installation of the first 30 PCs this month has gone smoothly,” said John Bartlett, IT retail systems manager at The Body Shop.
“We particularly like the fact that this is a flexible PoS box that has easily integrated with our existing software and PoS peripheral systems,” said Bartlett.
“This is a great example of how the rp5700 can be used in the retail space,” said Robert Bergqvist, market development manager, retail point of sale systems, HP Australia.
“HP’s RPOS offers the reliability of Intel and Microsoft Windows technologies and available SATA hard drives with RAID support to offer customers PC technology that easily integrates with back-office infrastructure. We are looking forward to helping The Body Shop Australia complete this rollout and integration through to next year.”