Telecommunication and information services retailer Telstra has selected Immediate Impact, a signage solution from Episys, to provide all in-store signage and shelf-edge labels across 450 stores throughout Australia.

Immediate Impact will enable Telstra to produce signage in-store. It will also allow its licensed stores to create professional signs in alignment with Telstra’s corporate brand guidelines. The solution is being implemented in conjunction with Propel Interactive, Episys’ partner in Australia.

“Episys has provided us with the ability to print high quality signage in-store and the flexibility of being able to create signage quickly for new offers and promotions,” Stephen Eyears, Telstra consumer director, said.

“The rollout will have an impact on the number of resources needed going forward meaning we can channel our energies into what we do best and that is on the store floor, servicing our customers.”