Pronto Software, an Australian ERP provider, has inked a deal with Statewide Independent Wholesalers Limited (SIW), Tasmania’s largest grocery wholesaler, to implement Pronto-Xi across its Cash N Carry Foodservice division.

SIW wholesales dry, frozen and chilled grocery products to Woolworths and independent supermarkets throughout Tasmania. One of the island state’s largest employers, SIW has around 350 staff and annual turnover of over $400 million. With headquarters in Launceston, SIW has two distribution centres and three Cash N Carry Foodservice outlets. 

Its business model is unique, with 60 per cent owned by Woolworths and 40 per cent owned by independent retailers – the only operation in Australia where Woolworths and independents effectively work together.

SIW general manager David Lanham says the Pronto ERP rollout will enable SIW to consolidate its IT infrastructure, improve financial control and stock visibility and set the business up for their next stage of growth.

“It was time to overhaul our IT environment given we were using disparate, outdated systems that made it difficult to import and extract information. We were looking for an integrated, scalable solution that would meet our evolving business needs, support our growth and enable us to provide an even better service to our Cash N Carry and Foodservice customers.

“Our current systems didn’t present us with information that could easily be used. For example, to analyse customer buying trends, I’d have to get our IT people to extract new data from the systems and then manipulate it into a useable format before any analysis could begin,” says Lanham.

SIW will utilise a range of Pronto-Xi modules including financials, distribution, warehousing, point of sale, CRM and warehouse management with scanning functionality.

Lanham says another key driver is choosing a system that will best fit the business. “Pronto really understood our requirements and demonstrated a proven track record in supply chain management, from moving high product volumes and managing thousands of transactions to having fully integrated real-time point-of-sale capability.”

Lanham anticipates tangible bottom line benefits with Pronto. “Pronto will provide greater visibility of financial, stock and customer information in one integrated system. We’ll also be able to reduce picking errors in the warehouse and therefore improve the accuracy of orders.

“We also expect major staff efficiencies as there will be less data duplication and scope for human error. Once staff know and have confidence in the system, this in turn will promote greater staff satisfaction and ultimately enhance customer satisfaction too.”

“This latest acquisition strengthens Pronto’s market presence in the wholesale and retail industry, and demonstrates Pronto-Xi’s capability to manage sophisticated, high volume supply chain requirements for SIW’s growing operations,” says Pronto Software’s managing director, David Jackman.

The implementation is scheduled to go live in May next year.