Target Australia is creating a unique, world class e-commerce experience in a bid to unite online and offline, giving customers one connected experience. Recently named Australia’s favourite online apparel retailer (StarTrack Online Retailers 2015 report[1]), Target has been building long-term capabilities designed to improve their customers’ experience.

Target Managing Director, Stuart Machin says Target Australia is at the start of an exciting new chapter in its history.

“We are focusing on building our capabilities – online and offline. We’ve taken a much more customer centric view to our online strategy and have spoken face to face with thousands of customers.  We are focusing on bringing the online and in-store experiences closer together while delivering a ‘best practice’ digital experience across all our channels,” Mr Machin said.

“Improvements have been made recently to our free ‘Click and Collect’ service – in trial stores – with reports of reduced wait times for delivery – from days to hours in a majority of cases. It’s great for say mums, who want to order a larger item, as well as trying to manage the kids while shopping. ”

“We are also having a lot of success with our assisted ordering kiosks in stores which have been rolled out to 42 stores. Team members love helping customers to order products that aren’t ranged in their particular store. It gives them access to the entire Target range, which is proving to be very popular in our Target Country locations.” he said.

Target is rapidly introducing more and more delivery options so customers have complete flexibility over when, where and how they receive their orders. Today people’s lives are extremely busy, balancing family, work and leisure time and Target wants to play a role in providing options that are convenient to all customers.

Today Target Australia launched its new mobile app, for iOS devices

The next big game changer for the Australian retail giant says Mr Machin.

“The Target app is the cornerstone of our connected retail strategy as it allows customers to interact with Target in ways that they never have before.”

“Over the last two years we have invested heavily in online to create a world leading experience for our customers wherever they are. The first phase of this app will bring Australia in line with international retailers ensuring we are leading the way globally,” he said.

 Features of the app were driven from what customers wanted, all in one central location. It includes a built-in product scanner so customers can see online information including pricing, colour options and inspiration integrated into the online shopping experience.

 “We’ve gone right back to basics with the app, spending weeks in store speaking to customers, understanding their needs and what will make shopping at Target easier and more enjoyable for them, he said.” The app will inspire customers and allow them to shop from our Instagram feed. It will also make finding prices easier, with the built-in product scanner, meaning customers can access price information at every store.

More than 70 per cent of customers said they would download the Target app due to one of these specific features. The app has been built around the three customer preferred features, alongside the normal features you’d expect in a retail app experience such as store finder, shopping and account facilities.

“The influence of digital is growing every year and so far our performance has been satisfactory and profitable. The popularity of the mobile phone has completely changed the way we live our lives and the way we shop,” says Mr Machin.

“It has split the traditional shopping journey into hundreds of micro-moments where preferences are formed and purchase decisions are made. We have adopted a mobile first digital strategy, because this is what our customers’ demands. This ensures we are able to help our customer decide what to buy.”

Target is building strategic partnerships with Google, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, with a number of exciting initiatives currently in development. 

The most recent is a global first for retail with Facebook and Instagram ensuring that whenever Target communicates with customers, they are sent relevant, personalised photos that are appropriate and engaging specifically for them.

 “The opportunities for our business are endless and this is just the start of an exciting journey connecting our customers to our stores, our team members and to our products through digital devices,” Mr Machin said.