Workforce Guardian recently launched a comprehensive online employment relations platform, making it easy for small-to-medium businesses (SMBs) to comply with Australia’s continually changing employment law.

The platform provides a full suite of legally compliant tools and services that assist employers to correctly manage all aspects of employment relations including hiring, managing and exiting employees. This includes six variations of employment contracts to suit all SMB situations as well as a variety of templates, policies, forms and letters. Step-by-step guides walk employers through processes such as performance counselling, disciplinary action and dismissal. Customers can also access Workforce Guardian’s employment relations experts if required.

“Workforce Guardian takes the risk out of employing staff, which is fantastic news for SMBs that are struggling with the fine print,” says Adrienne Unkovich, managing director.

“Employers are confused by the changing and complex nature of employment regulation at federal and state levels¯they simply do not have the time to understand what it means for them. Every day we hear of employers who had no idea they were acting unlawfully, which leads them wide open for an employment lawsuit.

“These employers need all the help they can get at a cost-effective price point, which is what Workforce Guardian delivers. The platform demystifies employment law, ensuring employers are fully informed of their responsibilities, so that they comply and do the right thing by their employees. The platform takes the risk out of managing staff, which is exactly what SMBs need in the current employment relations climate,” adds Unkovich.

All material housed within the platform has been ratified by Clayton Utz and the documents and templates also update as changes occur in legislation, making it easy for SMBs to fully manage risk and consistency across their business.  

Annual subscriptions are available now for individual SMBs for $950 a year for the Essentials edition (6-50 employees) and $2200 for the Professional edition (51-200 employees). Subscriptions can be purchased via the website