Campbelltown City Bowl in Sydney’s west has installed 15 Panasonic PT-LB30E LCD projectors. The independent bowling centre has invested over $75,000 in Panasonic technology to create a cutting-edge visual experience for customers.
Installed by Avsound Productions, the projectors are the centrepiece of the 30-lane layout, with each projected image spanning two lanes, providing all bowlers with a view of the screens.
Campbelltown City Bowl has installed the projectors to screen DVDs, TV footage and Nightlife – an all in one music management system that connects with the centre’s jukebox to show video clips of the music played at the venue.
The projectors features Panasonic’s Daylight View technology, which measures ambient light and adjusts brightness according to the conditions, a vital element for the bowling centre as it requires bright lighting during the day and for competitions.
The 3000-lumen brightness of the projectors delivers crisp, bright images. An aspherical lens system provides higher focusing precision, achieving a high quality image that is easily viewable from the top of each lane.
According to Barry Dawson from Avsound Productions, the installation has dramatically transformed the interior design of the centre, providing a modern and stylish atmosphere to appeal to social bowlers.
“We designed the fit-out of Campbelltown City Bowl around the capabilities of Panasonic’s projectors, which have simple service needs and long lamp life, ensuring that there are minimal problems with the units following the installation.
“Each of the projectors is controlled in groups of four, enabling lanes at one end of the centre to show different footage to lanes at the other end. This functionality was an essential component for Campbelltown Bowl, as it provided a practical solution to running, for example, children’s parties and competitions in unison,” says Dawson.