STM Brands

The STM Brands app in action.

Sydney-based accessories company STM Brands is using augmented reality (AR) to educate consumers about the special features of its products, no salesperson required.

STM Brands, which stands for ‘stuff that matters’, has been selling laptop bags, backpacks and covers for digital gear since 1998. CEO and co-founder Ethan Nyholm said this product category is often hard to showcase in store unless a trained sales assistant is on hand to run shoppers through the design features that set the products apart.

To assist with this, STM has turned to AR to provide customers with a new way to try out its backpacks and phone cases. The company has launched two apps, one showcasing its Element mobile phone case and the other focusing on its bag brand, STM Goods.

The STM Goods app uses computer-generated video and graphics to create an interactive user experience and allow consumers to ‘try on’ bags at home. It also provides a virtual tour of the outer and inner features of the bag.

STM Brands

Nyholm said he believes AR will change the way people interact with his products and help customers understand the special features.

“Backpacks have traditionally been one of the toughest products to showcase in stores, unless a trained salesperson is there to demonstrate the special aspects of the merchandise, which typically is not the case,” he said.

“Now, thanks to AR, individual customers can see a demonstration of a product’s key features come to life before their eyes.”

The Element app explains the intricacies of the mobile phone case, which uses high-grade materials and advanced engineering to protect the user’s device.

“By bringing an interactive experience with the cases to the customer, we can take detailed and often complicated messaging about a product’s attributes and make it an easy to grasp visually,” said Nyholm.

The drawback of the tech is that the AR experience can only be accessed via an app, which means customers have to download this to their device. Once the app has been downloaded, the user can scan different triggers to interact with the product.

“It’s taking point-of-sale product marketing to another level. We are leveraging today’s technology to go beyond what’s long been the expected in store. It is the future of marketing and we are at the cutting edge.”


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