Increasingly there is a demand for an LED spotlight which has a flexible optical system allowing for beam adjustments and image projection. Thorn Lighting’s Milo is just that spotlight.

With a small diameter, lens-type aperture, the slim cylindrical spotlight permits the shaping of the beam from 10 to 24 degrees with very little light spill outside. To achieve this, simple Allen key controls are built-in on the front of the fixture.
A further bonus is the gobo holder accessory which, when combined with the focusing ability of the patented optics, enables the projection of literal images, logos, break ups and textures.

The Milo is a fully sealed IP65 rated spotlight made from grey, textured aluminium employing a 2.4W LED in white (5500K), red, blue, green or yellow. It is powerful enough to project up to 10 metres, can be rotated 350 degrees or inclined 130 degrees and its compact size makes it unobtrusive during daylight hours.

Three models are available, one with integral gear, one with remote gear and one sealed to IP68 for submersible applications – intended for the illumination of pools and fountains. The latter has a fixed beam position (intensive or extensive).

Milo is designed for anywhere that demands the very best in flexible effect and emphasis lighting. It’s especially useful when used with a gobo to create settings varying from soft and sensual through to a raw dazzle – ideal for theatrical displays, advertising or corporate events.

As well as colourful mood creation there are a number of other economic and operational benefits of using LEDs. Their extraordinary long life and energy efficiency means they need very little maintenance. In addition they do not emit heat or UV radiation, and provide a high degree of electrical safety.

Since surface temperature is low you can print your own gobo on virtually any material.

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