SPOS recently launched its new company Propel Interactive to provide interactive displays to retailers.
CEO David Evans said SPOS decided to launch the new company as it saw a need in the marketplace.
“There’s a growing awareness in the marketplace of the benefits of interactive technology to drive consumer decisions at point of sale,” he said.
“SPOS had been offering interactive displays for many years, but we have decided to launch Propel Interactive to help differentiate our offer and expertise.”
Craig Burnard, Propel Interactive general manager, said the technology enables in-store communication as well as boost consumer interaction and purchase.
“Propel offers ‘touch and feel’ in-store merchandising technology including software solutions, electronic signage, digital screens and self-service kiosks. It enables retailers to get customers to interact with the products but at the same time makes them secure from theft. It also helps achieve consistent, compliant, relevant and up-to-date information across one or many stores,” said Burnard.
Burnard said the name Propel Interactive was chosen to represent the company’s mission to drive consumer decisions.
“Propel is an action word. It aims at driving consumer decision making and helps retailers move forward and grow their sales with the best interactive products to showcase their offering,” he explained.