They were the first in Australia to implement the QR code shopping format and now they’re taking it a step further by implementing an interactive mirror in the fitting rooms.

In partnership with Five Faces, the Sportsgirl interactive mirror will allow customers to share their fitting room experiences via social media as well as shopping from the Sportsgirl website whilst in-store.

At the same time, the interactive mirror will allow Sportsgirl to promote its brand, product and customer shopping experience in one single marketing platform, ultimately prompting a multi-channel interaction for Sportsgirls customers. The platform works by customers taking a photo of themselves in their potential new outfit via a reflective digital mirror whilst in the fitting room. Using the mirrors touch screen technology, customers can then share the photo directly to their own Facebook or Twitter page, where they can receive feedback on their outfit.

Prue Thomas, Sportsgirl strategic brand manager, said the interactive display system will successfully blend together the online and in-store experience.

“By introducing this device into the business, our customers will now be able to enjoy merging her offline and online shopping experiences at Sportsgirl,” she said.

Originally designed as a Facebook mirror, Sportsgirl worked with Five Faces to configure the technology in order for the customer to also access Twitter, as well as bringing to life within the store, allowing girls to shop directly from the website.

Yass Krishna, Five Faces managing director, said he is excited to be working with Sportsgirl on the initiative.

“Sportsgirl is such a successful retail brand, and it is great to see leaders in the market continue to find new ways to give their customers a fantastic in-store experience,” he said.

The interactive display system will be launched in Sportsgirls Chapel Street store, with further locations to be announced at a later date.