By Aimee Chanthadavong

After two years in the making Shop A Docket mobile phone coupon program is being rolled out across the country.

Up until now Shop A Docket’s discount coupons and vouchers have only been redeemable with shopping receipts and online.  With the mCoupon program, users will have access to more than 2,500 discount coupons on their mobile to search, find and redeem.

Shop A Docket national sales manager Tim Wingrove told RetailBiz  it was a natural progression for the company.

“Twenty-five per cent of our website traffic is through a mobile device. Everyone is looking to make the consumer life easier. The wants flexible access and we’ve delivered a platform that achieves that,” he said.

The mobile phone redemption program uses Google location technology and a simple search and select menu to identify offers in an area. Consumers present their phone at the point of sale to redeem the offer. There is no requirement to register or download an app to access the offers.

“I think retailers should see a greater pick up on coupon redemption. It broadens their appeal because the restriction they use to have with docket coupons was it could only be received at certain shops that has effectively washed away,” Wingrove said. “It doesn’t matter where consumers shop anymore.”

Wingrove also noted while mobile and online will new ways consumers can redeem coupons, apper coupons will always have a place.
“There’s a growing number of people who want to interact with businesses via different ways of redemption and this move just enhances the overall product suite.”