By Aimee Chanthadavong

Still in the process of setting up what was once an empty warehouse, Sektor Australia’s general manager Cameron Arnold was able to chat with Retailbiz about the new business.

Sektor Australia, which opened for business less than two weeks ago, is a solutions distributor of retail point-of-sale (POS) and mobility products. It has been working with its New Zealand counterpart Sektor New Zealand for the last 18 months to bring the business into the Australian market.

“Since the setup in New Zealand, we talked about bringing it to Australia and we continued to talk about that for 18 months with key vendors that worked with us over the years,” Arnold said.

“The Australian market has been experiencing quite a lot of turmoil over the last three years and so we thought it was a perfect opportunity for us.”

Sektor Australia will be based on a team of professionals who have each had up to 20 years of industry experience, Arnold said.

“We’ve all proved our ability in the industry and now it’s a time for us to get out there and build something that would last for a long time.”

By using the available knowledge, the company will focus on providing quality customer service and flexibility to its customers and vendors.

“One of the challenges we face in the industry is ultimate mobility that requires a bit of understanding in terms of what configuration is needed for what. What we ended up finding is that in the middle of it there’s nothing like it that exists where you’ve got all that experience but don’t know what stock exists. So we’ve taken all of that and put it together,” he said.

“On our site you can see online stock availability, you can order online but at the same you can pick up the phone and say ‘Cameron I want to order this and it says the price on your website is 320 bucks I want it for 310 can you do it, I’ll order 50.

“Equally you can ring them up and say I’m not sure if I need this model or this model and they can ask some questions about what you’re looking for and give you advice about what you can use.”

Building on existing relationships through their New Zealand branch, Sektor Australia have partnered with vendors , including HP, Intermec, Epson, Panasonic and Datalogic.

“All the brands we’re representing in Australia we have been quite successfully representing in New Zealand and what we wanted to do in Australia was that we were looking to replicate what has already been done in New Zealand,” Arnold said.