From the world’s first laminated steel padlock to a range of Bluetooth and biometric security solutions, Master Lock has been the leading brand for the last 100 years.

The Master Lock Company president, David Youn said the team is honoured that people have trusted Master Lock since 1921 to secure what’s important.

“We’re committed to helping future generations achieve peace-of-mind and protection with technologies that meet the changing demands of tomorrow. In 2021, we’ll toast to a legacy born in strength, a future built on innovation and the countless individuals who have contributed to this milestone,” he said.

A chance meeting between Master Lock founder Harry Soref, and Australian hardware supplier founder, Cecil E Mayo, on a train to Chicago led to a handshake agreement that Mayo Hardware would be the Australian distributor for the brand. And 93 years later, the Master Lock brand is still represented by Mayo Hardware in Australia.

What started as Soref’s mission to safeguard military equipment with the world’s first laminated steel padlock has since evolved into Master Lock becoming the leading global manufacturer of padlocks and related security and safety products.

Since then, Master Lock has developed thousands of hallmark solutions including the combination lock in 1935, a model still sold today, and launching Bluetooth-enabled padlocks in 2015.

Master Lock’s connected products category leverages the latest technology and since 2015, the company has added Bluetooth Lock Boxes and Master Lock Vault Enterprise software for commercial use to its portfolio. In 2021, Master Lock will introduce its most durable Bluetooth Padlock yet, the ProSeries Bluetooth Padlock.

Last year,Master Lock debuted its Biometric Padlock, which makes a fingerprint the key. With the recent addition of weather covers, light-up dials and Bluetooth capabilities, the Lock Box category will upgrade again in 2021 with the Key Tether Lock Box, developed in response to users needing to always keep the key and lock box together.

Master Lock’s longest-standing product category, Laminated Padlocks, has been reimagined over the years with security improvements such as a high-security tough cut shackle in its Magnum Laminated Padlocks. In 2019, Master Lock upgraded internal locking components, durable shackle materials and added additional cylinder options to its most popular laminated lock line.

“Master Lock might be turning 100 in 2021, but it’s our communities, associates, partners and end users around the world that we want to celebrate. We look forward to making more history, together,” Youn said.