Celebrating 21 years of innovation, Global Access stands as a pioneering B2B wholesaler that redefines industry norms.

Specialising in gate and automation solutions and industry support, Global partners with world leading manufacturers to offer a comprehensive product range, encompassing all things access control including automatic doors, gate operators, garage door openers and barriers, plus associated accessories and hardware.

Global managing director, Pierre Casabene has played a vital role in revolutionising the gate and automation industry that we know today. With unparalleled expertise stemming from hands-on experience within the retail sector, Pierre took charge of his family’s gate and automation business in his early 20s. In response to first-hand experience with industry challenges, Pierre conceptualised Global Access, and by 2002, the vision became a reality.

Emerging from a humble origin within the Casabene family home, Global has evolved into a thriving entity with a head office and warehouse in Victoria, and a presence expanding the Asia Pacific region, supported by a dedicated team of industry experts.

While embracing technological advancements and remaining attuned to modern times, the company values and service are traditional – with a focus on providing an experience for each customer, approaching every interaction with integrity.

Global Access managing director, Pierre Casabene.

Global is dedicated to proactively seeking the latest technology for the Australian and Asia Pacific markets, attending this year’s R+T Show in Stuttgart, Germany – the industry’s leading trade fair, to partner with leading suppliers who share their values.

Positioning themselves as more than a wholesaler, Global Access is committed to ensuring the thriving success of its partners and dealers. A testament to this dedication is a range of initiatives, including on-site technical assistance, phone support, training programs and in-house kitting and modification, tailoring products to advance within the Australian and Asia Pacific markets.

Additionally, Global actively supports its customers in offering business strategies and set-up that build a foundation for advancements and business success.

Reflecting upon 21 years of growth for a business that has been established from the ground up, Pierre, joined by wife and business partner, Cherie, attribute their success as a collective achievement and a testament to all those involved in the journey. Pierre also extends gratitude to his parents, Luigi and Antonietta Casabene, whose influence significantly shaped his knowledge and solidified his work ethic.

With an unwavering commitment to progression, Global will continue its expansion across Australia and the broader Asia Pacific region, positioned to explore new opportunities across a diverse array of industries and expand under the ‘Global Group’ umbrella. There’s no cap when it comes to Global’s growth, but irrespective of size, their core values will always remain.