From Britex comes the ideal way to maintain optimum hygiene levels and resolve many frequently encountered problems in male washrooms – the Sani Flush Sensor System.

Fully concealed and vandal proof, the ‘Sani Flush’ system uses a sensor box that simply sits in the ceiling of the washroom, sending harmless microwaves through the ceiling in order to detect movement immediately in front of the urinal below.

Once the system detects that urinal has been used it triggers a flush cycle – the volume and duration of which can be fully adjusted to the preference of the sensor installer, providing a great way to save water. Monetary cost savings also apply at time of installation, being a direct alternative to a regular vandal-prone cistern, as the Sani Flush connects directly to the flush pipe.

As the flush cycle is triggered by the presence of person(s) in front of the urinal itself, this ensures that the urinal is flushed each and every time it is used and that hygiene standards are kept at an optimum level. It also means that users as not required to manually activate the flush cycle through touching any surface near the urinal – a prospect that is often a deterrent in itself.

Easy to install and powered by the mains electrical supply, the Sani Flush Sensor System is the ultimate cost effective way to ensure hygiene standards are maintained and water is conserved where any urinal is installed.
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