By Grant Shepherd
Fraud squad detectives are warning consumers and retailers to be vigilant around EFTPOS terminals after a string of recent incidents in NSW.
Strike Force WIGG has been established and comprises of detectives from the State Crime Command’s fraud squad. This team was created in June 2009 to investigate various skimming offences involving EFTPOS machines and six people have already been arrested and charged.
Several tips have been instituted by detectives to help consumers and merchants prevent card skimming on their terminals.
Detectives have warned that offenders can covertly capture card data which is then used to fraudulently withdraw funds from victim’s bank accounts.
Some of the tips for merchant are to be aware of the security around your EFTPOS terminals at all times, ensure the terminals are left in a secure location, do not leave EFTPOS terminals unattended or in plain view of the public when they are not in use and regularly check all EFTPOS terminals and ensure the serial numbers are correct.
Some of the tips for consumers are to regularly change your PIN, check your receipts, check bank statements, be aware of the funds in your account, don’t write your PIN anywhere, cover your PIN and use chip technology when possible.
Anyone who suspects they have fallen victim to card skimming after using an EFTPOS terminal, is urged to contact their local police station or Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.