By Aimee Chanthadvong

US content and location-based technology firm Red Touch Media is further expanding its footprint, launching in Australia.

The company’s initial focus is on expanding the distribution for its location-based, digital content download businesses known as Connect and Express across Australia.

Red Touch's Connect was launched at CES in the US earlier this year and is targeted towards advertisers and marketers who are looking for personalised consumer marketing.

Meanwhile, the company’s Express service is focused on serving retailers who are constantly looking for new ways to bring consumers into their physical and web-based retail environments and to keep their customers coming back for more.

“Our expertise with Express and Connect is really about driving a better relationship for retailers and their consumers,” founder and CEO Wayne Scholes tells RetailBiz.
“As a company, we believe connection through content is an essence but it needs to be the right content for the right consumers. So our responsibility is to filer all the junk advertising because consumers don’t necessarily like ads they just don’t like irrelevant ads. We prefer taking a more advocate position of getting the right content to the right consumers at the right time

“This way it empowers the retailer to develop a longer relationship with their consumers rather than develop a shorter relationship with the wrong content, which I think that can be damaging.”

But unlike other content creators, Scholes said the company believes in offering flexibility to retailers in order to create a partnership through white label applications and white label kiosk solutions.

“One of the things is we’re more of a partner company. That’s one thing I don’t understand about a lot of businesses is that everybody wants control. So we have made our technology and our platform agnostic. For example, if you have an existing platform in your store in a retail environment we can hook into it and leverage it so it’s a more traffic driven avenue,” he said.

Scholes also noted if retailers offered this flexibility it means consumers will have more choice in the way they access content.

“The mistakes retailers previously made were forcing that interaction process with consumers in a particular way. I think consumers want the choice to how they want content delivered to them, when they want it and where they want it and we’re in a position to deliver device agnostic content so consumers may choose to access any way they want to,” he said.