The business counterpart of consumer startup Roamz has announced launch of its social media management solution for bricks and mortar retailers.

Local Measure has been designed to help businesses with one or more stores to improve their customer service by engaging in real conversations with customers on social media.

Local Measure leverages aggregated data across Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and Instagram to provide meaningful insights for retailers. As results are captured in real-time, retailers can immediately adjust their strategy based on live feedback.

Roamz CEO Jonathan Barouch said while consumers ‘let loose’ on social media about the services and products they purchase in a way they might never do in person, retailers brave enough to listen and learn from these honest conversations stand to gain huge benefits. 

“Local Measure allows retailers to reclaim that personal customer service so often lost in the business transaction. While some customers may comment to friends or colleagues about weak coffee or poorly manicured pinkies, few would complain to the retailer outright,” he said.

“With Local Measure, retailers can now use this feedback to improve their customer service and make changes to their products or services accordingly.”

While many large organisations invest heavily in customer surveys to gauge consumer feedback, Roamz identified a real demand from smaller businesses that wanted a simple, effective tool to listen and engage with customers at their stores. 

“We identified a pain point from smaller retail outlets, such as your local café or nail bar, who wanted a straightforward tool to better engage with their customers. Local Measure has an intuitive, user-friendly interface that requires no social media manager and affords retailers a 360 degree view of what people are saying about them,” Barouch said.

In addition, Local Measure enables retailers to build a rapport with their ‘super customers’; those who are not only repeat customers but also share their experiences with their social followers. 

“This is a crucial role the location-based tool plays. Now businesses can tap into the heartbeat of their customers’ conversations – right under their roof – and directly engage with them before they walk out the door,” Barouch said.